Welcome to BASc Abroad- a blog which we hope, in time, to fill with stories, photos and thoughts from all over the world.

For bascers, honorary bascers, staff and friends of BASc, we hope this will offer a means of sharing experiences, keeping up with friends, learning about other cultures and exploring study abroad options. Each week, we will publish a post written by a different student in a different place, sharing their thoughts on the study abroad experience so far: the highs, the lows, the exploits and adventures, the embarrassing language mistakes, the cultural differences and much more.

For those unfamiliar with the word ‘BASc’, a brief introduction: it stands for ‘Bachelor of Arts and Sciences’, which is an undergraduate course at University College London. UCL ‘bascers’ can opt to spend the third year of the degree abroad, studying at one of our partner universities, as a means of improving language skills, experiencing new cultures and, at least in my case, trying to put off graduation for as long as possible.

Throughout the year we hope to publish a great variety of posts from students in Japan, Australia, USA, France, Colombia, Canada, China, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Russia and Germany, offering only a small insight into what it’s like being a university student on a year abroad. We hope you’ll enjoy following our blogging journey across the world, and we look forward to your comments, contributions and suggestions.

Happy reading!


By Helena Hayman


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